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David Cho


David Cho, a.k.a Daiwai, is a keyboard player who has experiences in stage performance at both the church and event function settings. David began learning the piano at the age of seven and his musical journey has been under the influence of a wide range of musicians and composers, such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Keith Jarrett, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd, Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, and Antonio Carlos Jobim, to name a few. David has also been involved in composing songs for singing as well as soundtracks for commercials, and some of his work has granted him awards in the past. David is also a vinyl record collector with a moderate collection of over 2000 records.

Since joining the Redkey, David has been involving as one of the keyboard players and also in sharing the administrative workload associated with the band.

Keyboard (Band Leader)

Kanna J.L. Qiu


Debuted her singing career in 2005 from a local event to promote Youth Elite Spirit, Kanna is well-known as Faye Wong in Toronto since that night. She can master all kinds of Faye Wong’s songs which makes you wonder if Faye has come to Toronto when you close your eyes and listen to her singing. While interviewing her about the techniques she used to sing in Faye Wong’s style, Kanna wanted to redress that she could also sing in various styles, including folk songs in Chinese and pop songs in English. She has proven herself by archiving the first runner-up of A1 Chinese Radio City Voice 2009, a singing contest to showcase singing talents. Since then, Kanna was invited to perform at all kinds of local Chinese events. Her ardent love to singing was inspired by Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Bjork, Faye Wong and much more.

Jonathan Chow


Member since 2014. i am deeply grateful for all the performance opportunities the band has granted me, and I keep pulling all my effort as a response for every shows that we are involving. Sleepless nights and intense preparation are the marks of passion and ambition, although I will not dare to say I love music. Under the leadership of Gordon Chan, I had chances working with a few famous artists from Asia, including Vivian Chow, Karen Tong, Wan Kwong, You Ya,etc. I believe in the path of the band and I am sure there are more wonderful moments and work yet to be accomplished.

Lauren Liu


Lauren Liu is a classically trained pianist and an established piano teacher with over 15 years of experience. She holds a Pedagogy & Teacher ARCT Diploma and is a Royal Conservatory Certified Teacher. Her students have achieved excellent results in RCM examinations; many of them had won top prizes in various GTA and provincial music competitions.


Lauren is also a talented singer. She won best performance award in ACEM 2010 Chinese worship song contest. First place Award in the pop singing category in North York Music Festival in 2015. She received the best performance and singing championship of Fairchild Radio Toronto “ 2016 Golden Oldies Singing Contest “.


Lauren has been performing as a vocal soloist as well as backing vocalist in many performance, ranging from charity event to corporate functions.  She also applies her musical gift as worship leader, backing vocalist, and keyboardist in church. In additions, she had coached children choir in a few occasions. She is one of the co-founders of a musical school, Star Academy, which nurtures children with music appreciations.  

Keyboard (Band Leader)
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